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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Classes are over

Classes are over, and finals have begun. No real free time to speak of. Went into NYC for some stuff yesterday morning, worked all afternoon, and went out for a bit at night, and came back and crashed at about 11pm. Early night, for a college student.

As far as the exams go, nothing really out of the ordinary. Two were in class, and I think I did well on both. My final Data Structures project, MrLiquor, was completed and submitted Thursday for a Friday noon deadline. Paper for Computers in Society (7pg) due Tuesday, 11:59p, and I'm working at a pace of 2-a-day. My last two finals are normal finals, Thursday and Friday, in the afternoon sessions. I have been and will be going at a decent page (1 chapter/day) to make sure I'm all prepped and happy by the time the finals start.

I've already decided I won't be going crazy tonight (thanks, pinkeye!), but I've gone beyond that and decided to sequester myself in either my room or the library until Friday night so I can prep like mad. I don't want any distractions, but I do want A's and B's (although at this point I'd take a C in Probability and Statistics, those tests are grueling). Plus, everyone will be free Friday, and that's always better for relaxing. Free from classes, that is ;)